The Rockmusic News Blog is about soundtracks and scores. Here you will find information from composers like Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Maurice Jarre and others, and their works. But what are soundtracks. A soundtrack is the soundtrack of a movie, TV show or show. Mostly, however, the underlying music in a concrete film or computer game is understood as a soundtrack. The soundtrack can consist of newly composed music or existing works. Sondtracks are often offered as LP, CD or stream.

Many people probably also know the abbreviation OST or O.S.T., which means original Soundtrack and in the following refers to the film music from the original soundtrack. A soundtrack can consist of a musical score as well as songs used for the movie. In the following a small example.

The first playlist consists of the score, i.e. the film music (the original Motion Picture Score). The second playlist contains music by different artists (the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

Further interesting information about film music can be found on various pages of our blog. Information about the composers can be found in the articles.